Calçada Cilada
Participe você também e ajude a transformar sua cidade!
A Pé ao Trabalho
A Campanha #aPeAoTrabalho foi inspirada no Run2WorkDay de Londres.
Como Anda
Como Anda é o ponto de encontro da mobilidade a pé. Venha caminhar com a gente!


Renato Mello
Going back home running as my means of transport, today my little daughter followed me. I’m proud, it is one more person being infected by Corrida Amiga.
Andrew Oliveira
Our fuel: the people!!!
Milene Tessarin
Running on the way back home was invigorating! I felt more energetic!
Larissa Tega
Uhuuulll !!! I got it!!!! In 1 hour I ran from the company to my house!! I left work at 5:09 and at 6:09 I got home! I was running and the cars were all stopped ... I felt very smart, too.
Bernie McFarlane
I already liked walking, and Claudia challenged me to walk distances that I would not have considered before. When you are with a friend, time goes very fast. With longer distances, and a fast pace, my fitness is increasing. Now I have started running.