It is a reality that much of the population of major cities are overweight or in poor health, and that regular physical activity is essential to change these figures. Hours lost in traffic; stressful and exhausting work; leaving people sitting for hours; and the little time available for sport, are the major obstacles for physical activity. A 2004 Canadian Foundation report "The Heart and Stroke" points out that every kilometer of active commuting per day reduce by an average of 5% a person’s chances of becoming obese; while every hour a wasted day in traffic, amounts to a 6% increase in the chances of obesity. Physical activity contributes to good physical and mental health. The practice of walking and / or running as a means of transport easily becomes a natural part of your routine. No more excuses like "I do not have time to train" or "I am unmotivated." So Corridaamiga may be one of the solutions to the problems of the time wasted in traffic and lack of time for physical activity, turning these valuable minutes / hours into active transport!
The number of cars circulating daily in most major cities is huge, much higher than the capacity of the city to absorb it. Trying to avoid traffic day-to-day is useless act - we all know that today there are more peak times. All times are full of cars, and the people within them are stressing and suffering. In reality, the cars themselves are not what cause traffic but the people within them. In walking and / or running you can "BE THE TRANSPORT".
Cost Saving
Of course, leaving your car in the garage and using your own legs, your expenses decrease considerably. Costs such as fuel, wear on parts and tires and parking expenses are reduced.
The Environment
In São Paulo, for example, about 4000 people die each year as a result of problems caused by air pollution, mainly due to cardio-respiratory diseases and lung cancer. The "cost" of pollution to health - including hospitalizations, mortality and reduced life expectancy - reach US $ 1.5 billion (Saldiva, 2013). About 95% of air pollution is caused by vehicles powered by fossil fuels. Walking and / or running do not pollute – all we burn is calories!
Know and use your city as it is right!
How do the citizens relate to the city? Active movement on the streets, rather than motorised, is possible – making for a more pleasurable and healthy way! The street is a space for everyone! It is a place for entertainment and social interaction! We believe, in fact, that there are great opportunities for transformation in the city, mostly related to infrastructure to encourage and stimulate a more active lifestyle for citizens. It is evident more and more that our public space is poorly designed and used. The more joggers and / or walkers, the better the infrastructure and conditions of our city will become: more harmony, more respect and more citizenship. Thus inspiring others to walk and / or run, everyone wins.
Want to improve your mood?
Those who walk and/or run through the city are the happiest. They deal better with a grueling work routine! They have more energy and willingness to meet the challenges of daily life. Practising exercise, not polluting, "they are" transport and exercise their full citizenship.